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Raw Goodies Hamper

Raw Food | In stock

Raw Goodies Hamper is packed full of nutrient-dense Raw Gluten-free-Sprouted-Paleo-Vegan goodies to enhance and enrich your life, health, and wellbeing.

These foods are lovingly made with nature's integrity in mind. Activated to release all the nasties, like phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors, then sprouted to increase the goodies like vitamins/minerals, macro-nutrients & proteins to bring the food to life. They are then slowly dried at low temperatures to lock in the goodness.

You get in your Hamper

RAW-LIFE IRaw Vegetable Wrap Contains 3 vegetable wraps which you can fill with more veggies to get your 10 + a day.

RAW-LIFE Raw Energy Muesli Blackcurrant and Fig  (Sprouted) add just 2 Tbsp to fresh fruit and yoghurt to get the best start to the day.

Wright Sprouts Raw Energy Scroggin  (Sprouted) guilt-free snack that is full of goodness.

Wright Sprouts Raw Energy Schmogle (Sprouted) guilt-free savoury snack to beat the 3 pm blues.

RAW-LIFE Dukkah Oh so many ways to use this delicious nut-free treat, in a salad, on fish, add to a crumbling or cauliflower rice just to name a few.

RAW-LIFE Raw Flat Bread  makes a good size sandwich with all your favourite fillings, you will be amazed at how much is in this cracker bread.

These delicious foods will digest easily to bring high energy to you.

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