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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Make breaking your fast the best meal of the Day

Do you realise that what meal you break your fast with is very important as it's the meal you will set the mood of the entire day with? Also, it sets the foods you will continue to crave as well! If you start it with a Big Mac then you will crave junk for the rest of the day. Food on the run will set the mood of the day you will always be behind the "8 ball" all day. Start it with a refreshing smoothie and you will want to continue to eat fresh and light foods for the rest...

The Microbiome What is it?

The microbiome is fast becoming the Buzz word, and rightly so as it is the most important aspect to good health. Whether we like the idea of living symbiotically with microbes is irrelevant as it is a fact. So we need to feed them as they are what makes us tick on a daily basis.  I say let's learn to love and nurture them and give them what they need to keep us healthy every day. So what is the Microbiome? this is all the trillions of minute microbes that live in our bodies. It is thought that we are...

Natures Antibiotic "GARLIC"

It is now well known that the abuse of antibiotics in our world is now impacting our ability to fight off infection and in some cases, this can be life-threatening.  What will we do if we can't use antibiotics to fight infection in the body? what did the ancients use? what will future generations use? Nature co-exist with us and if we look at nature and how it continues to survive we can learn about ourselves. First Nature has to deal with all the chemicals and toxic substances we have produced in the past 100 years, it has had to...

The Truth about Kombucha

There is no doubt that Kombucha is the latest trend going viral, everyone is getting on this band wagon, and why not if everyone is drinking it, make some money on it while you can. Buyer Beware not all Kombucha is the same!!!! Kombucha is a self carbonating fermented tea, is full of live microbes, known as probiotics produced during the fermentation process. Drinking this beverage on a regular basis helps to your IOG (Internal Organic Garden) aka gut flora & microbiome. "This is the truth about Kombucha." Unfortunately some companies making Kombucha for commercial consumption pasturize and then recarbonating the drink,...

Food Sensitivities SUCK BIG TIME

Hey it Sucks big time when you are told that you have a sensitivity or intollerance to certain foods You can bet your bottom Dollar that it is some thing you just love. AHHHHH!!!! I know how this feels personally, I have had been an intolerant to Gluten for 15 years but infact I now believe it has been most of my life. I also knew I was senstive to potatoes, as they made me bloat and get constipated, so I avoided them and only eat on odd occasions, but avoided Gluten with a passion. Recently I was told it was...